Why dont girls like a guy that is sweet and nice and caring?


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  • Depends on your classification of nice. If you think your nice and you tell that girl, 'your dating the wrong guy!' Guess what, you're not the nice guy anymore

    • I've talked sense into a lot of girls in crap relationships.
      Yep.. I'm totally a piece of shit.

    • Not what I meant

    • Well I'm not dating anybody. My problem is that I like this girl but she is popular and im like a nobody so I'm pretty sure she wouldn't date me and I've liked this girl since first grade

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  • Well from my own experience, they think that they own you if you act nicely, BUT if you act cold-blooded they will want you...

    • Well I dont want to be a dick or anything like that

    • You are not a dick if you don't care about someone who doesn't care about you, that is your problem...

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  • They do , he just has to have the sword and shield ready too. Women evolved to reject cucks.

    • Well like I have tried conversating and I'm always nice to her and I would always stand up for her when she got picked on. Girls just really dont like nice guys in todays generation

    • There's a lot of contaminated trash out there male and female. Check out Jordan B Peterson on youtube, the best advice on life I've ever seen in his videos. There are healthy women out there.

  • You have to have confidence. You want to come off as feminine or overly sensitive

  • they all love them tall and bad boys


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