Is he not interested? What does I'll See You Around mean?

A while ago, this kid was hired. He came up to me cheery and asked for help finding a product and then came back two seconds later saying, "Hi, again!" Leaning on my cart to ask me for help again. He then read my name tag and repeated my name and said thank you. I never got his name. Today, I finally gained up the courage to ask and this is how it went: (we bumped into each other in the breakroom) Me: "Oh hey! What's your name?" His face got a little red and he lightly smiled, "John," he said. I awkwardly said, "It's nice to meet you, I'm Blahblahblah." Even though we have already technically met before. He replied with, "It's nice to meet you too, Blahblahblah, I'll see you around." And left. I heard from one person he's awkward. Everyone else has no idea who he is. He's seasonal. So it won't be long we'll be seeing each other. And it's just so awakward like, I don't know if I should say Hi again or not or something. The "I'll see you around" has me confused.


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  • Well, as a matter of generally accepted fact or his habit he might have said those words.


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  • means basically we will meet again shortly


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