What kind of advice can I give a coworker about his crush who happens to be an OLDER WOMAN?

I'm best friends with a coworker of mine (let's call him John). He has a HUGE crush on this other coworker of ours that is 23. We're all cooks at a restaurant. John is 17 and I'm 18. Before anyone talks about the legality of it, we live in Texas. 17 is the age of consent. Even if I do find it weird.

He he keeps asking advice on how to ask her out. They talk and joke around. But I don't know how to tell him that I don't approve of it. It's not my place. I don't approve because not only is she older, she's also the type of girl that drinks and goes to concerts and stuff. John is a pretty naive person and kind of sheltered, goes to church type of guy. She would probably corrupt him. And I don't think she'd be interested in him either.

What can can I say to him?


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  • It isn't your concern how old she is.

    What is your concern could be that she can get fired and your employer can get sued.

    You should just tell him what is probably the truth: She would probably rather date a man in his 40s than a boy in high school. He should try again in 5 years.

    • They allow the crew to date. It isn't against policy. It also isn't illegal since 17 is age of consent here. But what would make a 17 year old think they have a chance with someone who's 23?

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    • You can't be helped if you don't understand that it's LEGAL in Texas for a 17 year old to sleep with a 23 year old.

    • It is legal in some cases, but not others.

      There are plenty of young men in federal prison right now who are there because it is "legal" for a 17 year old to consent to sex in the state she lives in.

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  • I'd point out to him that he's a long way from 21, and not being able to hang in clubs or bars would be a major drag if that's what this girl's into. I wouldn't try to convince him it's a bad idea, because that probably won't work. Just try to convince him that he's not old enough to date someone like that properly.

  • Well first thing John should know is your concerns about him doing this make sure he knows what he's getting himself into then if he still chooses to do it I'd tell him it's not a good idea but talk to her and see where things go

  • basically how can u say she will corrupt him?

    if she drinks and goes to concert doesn't prove him bad.

    its your think about people who drinks, he might not think that way

    also, i dnt drink too fyi

    • I just feel like they don't have the same morals.

    • but u dnt see the problem here, u feel this

      He may not, i know its tough to think like that.

      My sincere advice would be to just tell him this diplomatically (also tells this u feels)

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