Questions for gf?

Me and my girlfriend have literally talked about every thing but we can't think f what to talk about now. Like what are some questions of any kinds I can ask her or what are some advanced topics to talk about and or what type of questions should I ask her about herself? I'm in need of help!!!


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  • You know I’ve never understood this... if you don’t have anything to talk about why do you need to talk? Just leave it until you have something to say.
    Is there a prescribed amount of time you need to spend per day talking to her and you’re not meeting your quota?
    It’s just not something that should be forced

    • No there is a certain amount of time I have to talk to her and alright

    • Thanks for your reply

  • Are you interested in deep and long conversation or just some quick few second topics?

    • I'm interested and long deep conversations

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    • Wow. You guys really talk. Um... What about beliefs after death? Heaven hell nothing purgatory. Haunting. Ghosts

    • Yeah we do and yeah we've talked about that too sadly

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