What can hide behind "I am busy"?

This guy i have been talking to for a while now told me he is busy and disappeared for a week. He have done that already once and after that week things we normal. Than again he said he is busy at the moment and he isn't contacting me for a few days. But interesting enough is that he keeps on checking my social media profiles daily and checking out all i post. So he doesn't seem busy for checking it out but he is so busy to give a call or text for a few days.
I am really curious to find out what may be in his head now..
It all started by me saying that i can't text for next few hours as i will be busy so immediately next day he came through with this I am busy story but keeps on checking my pages.
I honestly doubt that its a pay back because i can't believe he may get upset over that. But i really what to understand what caused his disappearance.


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  • Well it kind of depends I mean if they're in the bathroom and they say they're busy I would think it's a number two number ones don't take that long for a guy there's no wiping

  • A lot


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