How to make sure it isn't awkward between us at school this week?

So this weekend our group of friends decided to go out drinking. Chris ended up the drunkest, he's like a crazy funny drunk. He kept wrapping his arms around my waist and calling me his favorite. He tried to kiss me several times. If he was only tipsy I'd probably let him get a kiss but he was drunk. It's almost like taking advantage of a drunk in my mind. He said sorry everytime he did something he knew was wrong. I haven't talked to him since the party. Now I'm gonna see him at school tomorrow, how do I make sure it won't be awkward between us?


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  • Don't bring it up, just act like nothing happen. If he mentions it first then talk about it, don't make it a big deal lol. It's kinda funny in a way, he seems like a good time. Maybe he likes you!


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