Why do women stop being sexually active?

Simple why do women stop being sexually active once you've got into that committed relationship you're begging men to get in with you?


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  • what women? I'm the opposite pretty much begging my man for sex everyday and honestly I think he's getting tired. We used to have sex marathons on the weekends and now we do it like twice and it's not because I don't want it. Why do men stop being sexually active?

    • Yup fully aware it can happen both ways.

      There's a group who used to talk about this issue on an app called "experience project" but they shut down.

      The group went under the banner "I live in a sexless marriage"

      I find it funny though how many women got triggered and are acting like

      A. women never complain men don't want to commit.

      B. There's no way women stop having sex in committed relationships.

      Not that I expected a "refuser" (man or woman) to step forward to be honest here.

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    • I think it's bullshit. But do you live with it or not. Is it just sex or does the behavior extend beyond that.

    • I don't know what to tell you. I just live with it honestly and masturbate. Sometimes I don't get enough attention from him because he has his work and we fight about it because I'm busy too yet I still make time for him. I don't know, it's ongoing. I would talk to your woman and see if maybe there is something you can do to spice it up? Also, some men don't even try to make their women horny. You can do stuff to turn her on and I don't know how she'd say no then.

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  • Yeah, it's the biggest complain of pretty much every married man alive.


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  • I don't know those women

    that's silly tbh.

    who wants to stop wanting sex once they finally get a stable way of getting it? silly.

    • and also I dont think women beg men to get into a relationship with them.

      If the men like them, they willingly will get into one.


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    • So I don't see a ton of female questions about why men won't commit, and men's post about why sex stops in marriage.

      I must be making this stuff up right.

      Not all girls just lots do this.

    • the part about men it's because the ones they got didn't want a relationship

      as for after marriage i bet some do that, although I do not get it.

      only if they start hating themselves or the husband after marrying...

  • We have lives you know


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