Girls, I like a girl but don't know if she's creeped out 😊?

niversity there's a hot girl who I couldn't help but look at because she's really beautiful. But when she walks past in the library and I glance quickly she looks to the ground and looks really shy. So I stopped looking at her. B.

2 weeks later I sat on a table next to her to work on a project and she kept looking over at me , listening in to my conversations and looking at me if I walk past and looking for a book.

So when she finished and walked off I looked at her she tried to make eye contact but just looked away shyly again. But now EVERYTIME her friends see me in canteen they keep looking and she whispers to them whilst looking at me. So i was unsure if I creeped her out so this week before class she kept looking over to me whilst drinking her coffee and looking at the girls who always come talk to me who are in my class.

I seen her again and and I was talking about another girl to a friend and I said I hoped she was ok because I hadn't seen for months... and she was whispering to herself. So as usual I sit in my usual place for my work with my friend and she got us to leave and Kept facing me and looking at me then left. And when she came back she sat facing me randomly looking at me , listening in before us leaving 30 mins later.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm struggling to understand why she looks shy if I look at her but then next she always looking at me and purposely facing me to look at me and also all of the other stuff she does. Is she creeped out by me and not like me? I understand I should approach but I want to u setsyand why girls do these things she's cute 


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  • I think you imagine too much? she might like you :)


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