If you have a double date with a girl, it went really well, and she texts you after, is it a good sign?

My girlfriend of 3 months and I went on a double beach date with a couple of our friends, anyways the girl and the guy we went with were acting kind of weird and right after I drop her off at home and go to drop the other two off, my girlfriend texts me to say "well that was kinda awkward with ______ and ______ at the end there." So is it a good thing that she made contact with me at the end of the date? Did she actually want to talk or did she just want to make that comment... Keep in mind we talked for about an hour after that until she had to go..


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  • yea...she wants you most definately. : ) see where it goes...if she texts you after your date everytime, then yes she really does want you...next time she just wants it to be you nd her so think about that : ) take her somewhere nice : ) JUST YOU AND HER lol



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