Why don't girls message back?

They match with you on tinder/pof etc. and dont respond to my messages. It doesn't seem to matter how articulate, creative, and polite my initial message is.


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  • It's not just girls, guys do it too, I'll message guys cute jokes, and compliments and a lot of the time they do not respond. It could be because they decided after swiping right they weren't really interested, or they don't check the app very often or they don't really want to talk to anyone in the first place. Sometimes I swipe through tinder just because I'm bored even if I'm not looking to talk to anyone

    • Thanks for your honesty. Least you are making attempts to communicate. I don't seem to get anyone where I live responding.

    • yeah I live in a city so there are lots of people to match with, there just may be less active users in your area

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  • I find a lot of the people on these apps only reply if they like your photo, they don't care about what you like or much about the person, you are either flick left or right, a 1 second decision based on the photo they see and how they feel St that moment. If people are that shallow to flick people aside in a second then they are not worth being your friend or dating, as at anytime they could just flick you out of their life. Real friends and couples get along because they like each others personalities, the way they talk and laugh, etc, looks do matter to most people, not just for themselves but as they care what others think of who they are with too. Most dating is fake anyhow, people dress up tell lies get together see the truth and well make other choices.

    A lot of people don't reply as they don't have time, or they are message people they chat to already or even as they left the app.

    Many reasons really. Be aware some apps are fake too. There are hundreds of them of play store where they are totally fake profiles, and have staff pretend to be these people, read the terms, it will tell you there if they have fake profiles as many do this to get people to talk and join and once they pay they are screwed.

    Try meeting real people, go cafes, library, Concerts, clubs, work etc find real people if they like you in person then that's far better than a man sitting behind s hot chicks photos.


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  • Happens to everyone, as it happened to me too. I think a lot of those sites have fake profiles to just keep you interested and to possibly swindle money out of you, package deals promising to give you more chances of finding love is what they're selling.

    I used to wonder if I'm that ugly, even though I know I'm not. Then I got a message from a company asking me to pose as these fake profiles, I declined because I think it's wicked.

    People with no intentions of contacting you are hired to make profiles, some real, some aren't, with multi accounts assigned to one person who gets played for it.

    I think a lot of these people are lured into the job too, but I was keen enough to dig deep before accepting.

    She was trying to slide pass info and force me to sign up to trick people, so I asked her to stop being so vague and tell me what it is.
    When I confronted her, she said its not a scam if these people know there's no guarantee of finding love, they sign up and pay within their own free will.

    • Well said and so true many fake sites, there are adverts on this app for fake sites AsianDate and Anastasia Date are very bad apps that take a lot of money off people and it is sick and disgusting how many companies cash in on people looking for friends or marriage. The laws need to be changed.

    • Yeah, EHarmony does it too. You get multi users seeming interested, you subscribe, they disappear. Your subscription ends, they pop back up interested, and it goes on and on. To be honest, people worth getting to know, most likely won't be found on dating sites, they usually don't want to be grouped with the likes of the freaks found online, so they possibly won't be found there.
      Some of us are just too lazy to go out and meet, it's getting us in trouble, lots of it.

      P. S the girl who downvoted my comment must be one of those fake profiles online, I'm not knocking your hustle, but what goes around comes around if that's what you're doing, you're gonna find yourself losing money because you took from someone.

  • probably cause they don't see the message until later on and realize that there's no point to message back

  • We receive a thousands msgs, that's why..

    • It's not like you available guys, who receives only 1 message IF lucky.. And I second the other anonymous comment about interviews and resumes.

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    • Of course if out of the 1,000,000 msgs we've received one guy stands out, we would like to date him him, you know, we have emotional needs too.

    • Our motives are to find a date, who will fill up our needs,

  • I can admit I'm guilty to this. But responding means starting a conversation. Girls get real tired of that real fast. Kinda like resumes. You may get an interview (a convo) with her, but if you don't catch her eye with that first message, it's curtains for you!


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