How to Ask Out a Girl Who Works Next Door?

So there's this girl who works next door to me.

I'm pretty sure that she likes me to some extent, as whenever she passes my store, she scans the room for me and waves and smiles very enthusiastically.

She's come into my store to talk and we've chatted while she was walking off to take her break and I just so happened to walk out to run an errand, for work. We seem to have a lot in common and I really want to get to know her more.

All of that being said, I'm not sure how to go about asking her out. Waiting by the window to catch her seems weird, and going into her store to pester her while she's on the clock seems unprofessional.

What would be the best way to ask her?


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  • I'd recommend asking for her number and arranging a time to CALL her. (Lots of girls really like that, there's also a more personal aspect to it AND she's less likely to say no if you ask her on a date in real time. Texting is somewhat impersonal so she won't be as excited if she does like you but you send a text instead of talking to her.)

  • Next time you see her wave at you or something, tell her to hold up. Run over to her, and say "Random as heck, but would you like to grab some coffee, and go out on a fun adventure!". This adventure could be store hopping in a cool hipster, or small business neighbourhood with lots of little coffee shops, bookstores, or the like. Do some random fun stuff, girls love adventures! Its better than the intimidating coffee interview ;)


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