boyfriend and I are becoming toxic because of social media?

A lot of things have upset me that he has done. For example, liking photos of random girls he doesn’t follow, leaving the ‘heart eyes’ emoji on his female friends’ pictures. Adding random girls. He changed his tinder photos and bio once. Also, following a girl’s friend on insta that he doesn’t know. But he added her because he “saw her on the girl’s page a lot”.

These activities just seem so weird to me.


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  • Tjats suspicious. Sit down and talk with him about it. In more conservative in social media, like I don't even follow some of my friends, so take what I say with a grain of salt

  • There is always the chance that they're just friends

    • He did not know the friend he followed of that girl.

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    • Yes, but He said he met this girl at school, and they followed each other on Instagram. Then a few months later, my boyfriend followed that girl’s best friend. Mind you... my boyfriend does not know the best friend. When i asked him about it, he never gave a clear answer. And then today when i brought it up, he told me “i followed her because i saw her on that girl’s page a lot”. This just makes me feel so weird inside.

    • I️ don’t know. He hasn’t cheated before (that i know of)

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