Is he a red flag?

My coworker's a good looking 40 year old. He's never been married, or has any kids. He makes an honest living, and has been on-and-off the dating scene... why is he still single? Is this a bad sign? Maybe a womanizer?


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  • Some possibilities:
    1) He's gay and in the closet
    2) He's just unwilling to commit. He dates women, they would like to settle down and have a family, he won't commit, they eventually give up. A womanizer wouldn't be "on-and-off". They would go from one to another pretty rapidly.

  • Sometimes, that's the case.
    Often, he's shy or hasn't found the right woman yet.
    He could just not be ready yet.

    Really, just be careful not to judge without a lot more information.

  • Automatically jumping to conclusions is not the smartest thing to do, some of us, just don't have an honest interest in a relationship


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