Am I too young for him?

So I'm a waitress at this pub and one of the customers is really cute and funny. I just met him and he introduced himself by shaking my hand and as he was leaving, he made sure he had my name correct and said he would see me around. While I know that shaking my hand and saying my name aren't super indicators that he likes me, but they are out of the norm.

Anyway, hypothetically if he were to like me, I'm slightly concerned about the age difference. He mentioned that he is working on his PhD and while I am ahead of schedule academically speaking, I am still only heading into my third year of college. At the very youngest, I would say he's in his mid twenties. The very oldest might be early thirties. I'm 20 years old. Is that too young? I'm very mature for my age and most people assume that I'm older than I am anyways. Do you think that this would pose a problem in what is probably never going to surpass the hypothetical?


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  • Sachin Tendulkar {God of Cricket} married a woman who was 10 year older than him.


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