Is 4 weeks of dating too quick to take a short trip together?

Dating a guy who claims he like me a lot but thinks it's too soon to go away... Is he scared, or just cheap... How long do you wait if you were to take a weekend getaway or travel together when dating?


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  • 4 weeks is just one month. It is too soon if a strong enough connection hasn't been built yet. It has nothing to do with being scared.. And being 'cheap'.. What is that supposed to mean? Are you a gold digger or something?

    • No I've done it before with my ex.. and it was great

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    • Idiot I said I had the same connection before and it turned out fine.. get off the tread grumpy cheap ass now I'm def going thanks

  • Don't rush into any long periods of time together. It risks wearing the relationship out.
    Take it slow and plan another trip after a few months

    • Even 3-4 days? that's short, might as well see if we really like each other than waste more time n find out later anyway... too slow isn't good either

    • Because you can't truly know your feelings for someone after only 4 weeks.
      It may feel like you do but from experience and asking a friend who's been with his partner for 9 years now, It takes more than a month.
      You need to not rush things. Rushing a relationship is the worst thing you can do.

    • are you married?

  • Nope


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