Why are girls on dating websites if they already have a BF?

I recently started using Tinder, and tried a couple other dating apps just to see what would happen. Now me being a single young man with a decent job, I expect the usual problems (ie catfish, creepy old men, gold diggers, hackers, etc), but I've noticed every time I open one of those apps, there's at least someone that has a boyfriend already just posting pictures like it's Instagram or something.
I know I sound a little ridiculous asking this, but if you have a guy, why are you on a dating website? Furthermore, why would someone be looking for friends on dating websites if they could just simply use other forms of social media?


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  • Because they're attention whores who demand attention from other men, to put it simply. Some might be doing it as a joke as well and they're boyfriends might be in on it (E. g messing with guys they match with for fun etc).

    As for the one's who use the excuse that they're trying to make friends, if you need a dating app to make friends, you must be a complete loser. And the only 'friends' you'll make are guys wanting to fuck you.


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  • They're either being social or being careful.
    When girls are too visibly eager to get a boyfriend, they end up with stalkers.
    Be okay with being a friend and you'll get a good girl faster than only talking to the ones who advertise looking for a boyfriend.

  • Isn't it obvious they're cheaters, there's been multiple girls with boyfriends trying to fuck with me. They say their boyfriend isn't satisfying them so they just want dick, 1 was even married! There's also a lot of girls who are looking for threesums with their bfs or some type of cockhold

  • They are hoe's


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