Meeting people for the first time and it feels like you've known them for centuries?

I met a female for the first time, and basically it ended up lasting 12 hours even though it felt like 5 minutes. It just felt so natural together, like we already knew each other and we're already completely in tune with each other.

She even mentioned the same thing also saying she was amazed how comfortable she is around me so quickly, saying she also felt like she has known me her whole life...

It's hard to explain tbh, wondering who else has similar stories?


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  • There's a theory that people reincarnate. Maybe you guys knew each other in a past life. Or perhaps you're meant for each other.

    • Yeah, I'm leaning towards the universe wanted us to cross paths, but as for why, I'll have to wait and see, could be anything tbh

Most Helpful Guy

  • You two could be twin flames, in which case would be epic because that's rare.

    • I just read up on what that was... Impossible to say, but if so, wow

    • Would be pretty sick.

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  • Probably in a past life

  • Yeah that happens if you really click, doesn’t happen often so you better not lose that one


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