What's the difference between being friendly and being interested?

I often mistake a girls friendliness for flirtatiousness and I end up paying for it. For a guy, the best way we show a girl we are interested Is to ask her out on a date, for s girl, the best way to show a guy you're interested is?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hum it's hard to say.
    I come off as being too friendly with guys and they all think I am interested in them when I am just a very easygoing and friendly person to everyone.
    If I ask myself the question I think the difference comes in the form of if my attitude changes or not once he shows me his interest.
    Let's say I am taking with a guy and being friendly and wooops I see by his body language or the way he smiles at me that he is attracted to me, and that I DON'T feel the same way, I will change my initial friendly attitude to a more closed one. The difference is evident and the guy most of the time gets it.
    If I am being friendly with a guy and same scenario he shows me interest in a non friendly way and I DO feel attracted to him and am interested, I will continue to be friendly and flirty.
    That's the only difference really.
    Hope it is clear.
    I have difficulty with this also!


What Guys Said 1

  • It differs from girl to girl. A lot.

    Also, lots of girls will like a guy, then stop liking him if he suddenly shows a ton of affection before she's ready.

    My best advice is to be a good friend and give her a chance to really get to like you. It will get more obvious as time goes on, and worst case scenario is making a new friend.


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