He doesn’t want anything serious but he started seeing a girl?

Basically I started to go out and hook up with a guy for 2 months, everything’s casual and non-exclusive but it seemed to be going on very well until I had to leave the country for 3 months. He said he still want to see me after I come back.

He was keen to see me when I first came back to the uk, but 2/3 weeks after he kind of stopped contacting me and flaked on our dates without any notice. This period lasted for roughly 2 months.

I sent him some angry texts and gave him an ultimatum, he apologised to me. Now he confessed that he was seeing someone else for a few months since me but he ended it and he thinks I’m better. He asked me if I liked just having fun and told me that he still doesn’t want to settle down yet.

So he’s telling me he doesn’t want to settle down but was seeing another girl for months, during which he might be exclusive to her (because he stopped seeing me)? Obviously he’s checking if I still want casual fun with him, but I dunno if I should give him another chance because he’s treating me like an option.


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  • He is not treating you like an option. Here's a gold tip: A real worthy guy knows the only thing he should look for is to have sex with the girl, so even if he really likes you he will NEVER assume that he want things to get serious, that is your job.
    Maybe the girl he was with was more nurturing and instead of accepting this "casual" thing, which you clearly are not comfortable with, she made a way to create a real bond with him.
    But then for some reason he still prefers you.
    He is not treating you like an option, he checked outside and came back to you, you shouls be flattered.


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  • He'll do it again, cause ur just casual


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  • Dont give another chance you are not an second option you can't be someone's option

  • Let me translate what "fun" means to him.

    You only represent his orgasm.

  • You’ve always been an option


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