How can I stop judging myself in context of my girlfriend?

So I’ve been in a relationship for a month and a half and I’m starting to judge myself too much. Basically when the common everyday misunderstandings happen I feel like I am screwing up or something/I’m not good enough. For example, I’ll try to look out for her and say that she might want to not start the first episode of a new show at 1:00am because then she’ll keep watching it until 3:00. But I’m relaity she had already been watching it and was ending it soon. But basically I feel like I’m being condescending or something. I don't know. We obvioudly got things cleared up, but now I feel like I’ve screwed up. I don't know. I just feel like I can be a better boyfriend but I don't know how.


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  • You're already being a good boyfriend. Like you said, it's just misunderstanding where she mistakes your caring for controlling. If she doesn't like it u should simply give her more freedom. She is a grown up and knows well when to sleep and when to wake up. All u can do is give her advice and if she later on regrets a decision she made she can't blame u cuz u already warned her

    • Ok. And I don’t know if she sees it as controlling. That’s just an impression I’m getting. And of course I know she’s grow up. So what should I do? Just back off and let her do her own thing?

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    • I don't think there would be a reason for her to get mad.. in the end u're giving her her freedom so there shouldn't be a problem

    • Ok. Thanks!

  • communication my dude. its difficult but worth it. tell her this and you can both figure it. a relationship takes work from boths sides.

    • I know. Not as much how, but where do you think is a good place to mention it?

    • i think you should make for conversations like this dont rush it through if you rush it things you dont may be said

      also maybe avoid a place with throwable objects if any if you tend to get iffended easily hehe just kidding. but yea maybe you can plan a walk sometime where you both just air out your worries in the cool winter air

    • Ok. That sounds great. Thanks

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