Is it a mind game how should I act?

Hello. 2 weeks of meeting a guy. Liking each other much.. he went cold. Bcs i knew he had smone he just hv sex with. Anyway
I faced him and we talked. Though every time he say he won't talk to me.. he send me (happened twice) and the latest thing was that our xommon friend contacted me on Saturday night to hang out and he mentioned him that he asked him to tell me to go out
I was ok and not ok lol
Anyway i went to our friend and he said he is commin.. i saw the message he sent him back that in 10 min will b there.. lol aftee he came he didn't go out with me.. so we stayed in
Next morning he was so nice with me.. in front of our common friend he isn't like that
p. s: i told him that i hv some feelings for him (he said he knows) :o
And when a friend of him visited. his friend started talking at me a lot. He saw it
He even showed in front of him that lol: ok we keep in touch and we will talk for sure.. tc
When was time for me to go
I felt like he did that intentionaly... to show him dude its mine
Bcs his friend told me: nice to meet u and want to see you soon... (i was evil happy lol)
Later at night he liked my pic then removed his like on fcbook :/ which is weeeiiird
Im xonfussed... and i like him soooooo
I decided to just distant myself a little...
I need opinions if he play mind games..
And it means for a guy when he say he know... that i have feelings for him?


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  • Give him time to confess his feelings

    • Am confussed... when he say he won't talk or send then he does... then send to our friend he will come and came fast... pfffffffff
      At for the like... that hw made then removed it last night...
      I agree ill wait...

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    • Don't get too excited calm down let it happen more

    • I think he is mentally retarded lol
      Look i thought if i send him a pic of wt he like on me he will b ok... i sent him... and he seen and nthing
      So i thought mayb i give him a day
      So bs he was excited when answered me
      As i said bfr... i called him...
      He answered soooo cold... and smhow aggressive
      I told him why i called and i told him ok mayb we could comunicate better... he said its over..
      He told me he is in luv with smone else..
      I was sooooooo pissed i told him how he is and made out with me?
      His answer? It was not sex... lol
      It was a made out... and that it could happen with him in the bar... O. o wtfff?
      I felt he is a complete retard
      I told him tgat this is not ok with me... and its fucked up
      I told him at least i did with feeling u...
      He was talking shit... wtf?

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