In what way does she like me?

A little background info. I knew this girl in primary school for 7 years and we where great friends. Then we completely stopped talking for no real reason.

So I've recently started talking to her again, firstly via facebook. She would have mega conversations with me. Then we started texted and meeting up in real life.

My problem is; one day she will text and facebook message me non-stop. Then she will stop for a few days. Then do it again. This confuses me as I never really know where I am with her. I try not to message her first as she usually starts the conversations. Though I do when I start to miss talking to her. She tends to be a tomboy and most if not all of her friends are male. I want to find out and know in what way she likes me, as a friend or not. How should I go about this?


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  • Number 1) girls are amusing and confusing. That's they're M.O. They specialize in being unpredictable. That's one reason we men chase them so much... we're trying to solve a puzzle that's unsolvable. So let go of your need to "figure it out."

    Number 2) All that matters is how she acts when you escalate your sexual interest. If she's not interested then she'll decline your advances. AND she'll likely still stay an awesome friend. So there's nothing lost in moving forward.

    Number 3) She seems to be showing interest, and so do you, so move forward. Get her out on some date-like activities without calling them dates. Like dinner for two. Drinks at your place while watching a movie. Getting out and such.

    Number 4) Don't get all logical on her. She doesn't CARE how you feel.. she only cares how SHE feels. So make her FEEL you. Make her feel attracted to you. Flirt. Have fun. And slowly escalate the sexual energy. This means increasing your physical touch, your sexual vibe, and which eventually leads to your first kiss.

    Here's what's magical about the first kiss... if she didn't see it coming and she's not interested she'll at least be impressed you made a move. And if you're friends you can both laugh it off. No need to get all serious or to take it personally.

    But if she's into it she'll be thinking, "What the hell is taking him so long!?"

    So stop wasting time chatting on the phone. End that now.

    And start spending time in person, like a couple who's dating.

    If you walk her down the relationship road you'll end up in relationship city. And you'll be the mayor.

    ~ Robby

    My blog ( link )


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  • don't worry, all girls do this. it probably means nothing. she's busy, or she doesn't have anything to say. but talking to you a lot definitely means something :) good luck

  • i do that when I like someone but I don't want them to get the wrong impression


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