Are we moving too fast?

Okay so I met a sweet and caring girl on Tinder. We texted for I think like 1 1/2 weeks before meeting and we finally met and hung out. We went to her apartment and watched some Grey's Anatomy for about 5 hours straight and then about half an hour before we were about to leave she grabbed my hand and I grabbed back and she snuggled up against me and we cuddle for a little while before we left. She kissed me on the cheek two times in total. I plan on kissing her on the lips and possibly making out next time we hang out (in 2 days). Is it too soon? I don't want to mess up our relationship before it even gets started because I really like her and I see a future between us. She's 2 years older than me if that means anything. Any and all opinions welcome. (Juliana if you happen to see this, I'm not unhappy with our relationship I just don't want to mess it up before it's started. Can't wait to see you again! 😁)


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  • If you really like her, that's fine. You know what does she want if you see her very carefully ;)

    • I do really like her. I want a relationship where we can fall in love with one another and I feel like I can easily fall for her.

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  • Yeah sounds fine my dude.

    • So it is normal for relationships to move this fast? I just see a lot of people saying "so me and this guy have been texting for a month " blah blah blah

  • Juliana's my sister

    • Yeah right

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    • You have no idea. Undo her bra with you left hand, while holding her face with the other. If she asks you why you can do this, say "can't you?" Watch out, there are a few different sorts of hooks that work differently. If you do this and don't yet try to get in her pants she'll beg you for it. Maybe not this time but the next. Much smarter than jumping on her like a monkey. And much mor beautiful and consentual. You've got 3 weeks to practice.
      This message will explode in 10, 9, 8, ...

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