Why so scared? I can't even?

When i approach girls that i know like me they freeze up or can't look me in the eye. Im trying to make a conversation or show mutual interest but i can't if you keep acting like a shy child. I don't want to run game on girls and reduce them to sex objects but it seems to be the only way to get any interaction started and its a shitty way to start a relationship. Im better off on fetlife but im not giving up!


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  • I don't know, where are you approaching girls? Are they at parties/clubs? Do you have mutual friends? Are they just random girls on the street?

    • All of the above. I have the most success with mutual friends but as time goes by the adult life drags us all farther away. Now I'm freshly single and trying to relearn the dating game and i feel like such a newb 😂 i am constantly told how nice/attractive i am yet i can't get anything going...

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