He dumped me is he regretting it or am I overthinking?

He keeps liking my pictures and now he's commenting on my posts congratulations and that he knew I could get this job.

why would he do this?

So I ignored the comment didn't reply
We broke up 3 weeks ago he dumped me out of no where only been dating for 4 months and he blew quite hot and cold.

Now after I ignored his comment he somehow has started watching my snapchat story and he hasn't for weeks I deleted him but everyone can see my story even if deleted. He hasn't liked anymore Instagram posts thou this is cause I never replied to his comment?


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  • Most guys are like this after a breakup, if he regretted it and still wanted you he would've let you know.
    He's just trying to see if you have moved on, or trying to see if he still has the ability of getting you back
    Or he's bored and just trying to mess with you

    • But he would contact me directly if he wanted to wouldn't he

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  • He wouldn't be the first guy to regret breaking up with his girlfriend. There could well be some residual feelings, especially if he hasn't gotten a new girlfriend.

    • He will need to do more for me to contact him thou than comment on my picture after he was a complete arse hole

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