Do girls find guys with my personality comforting?

I’m not very muscular but I make up with that in personality. I’m into girls that are into me and equality I love to please a woman and I love to see her happy if she’s on her period I would do anything for her. If a woman cooks and cleans for me I would do the exact same for her to make her to feel better I would love to please and be pleased I only look for real love nothing fake. Prefer to be with a girl who cares about my interests and I care about her interests. And I’m not weak by any means but when I’m with someone I like I just like to be vulnerable because I trust them enough to let my guard down


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  • Yes your personality is desired to girls, you're very sweet and caring


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  • Good personalities are more important than appearance, just my point of view
    And yeah, I'm sure girls will prefer a person with those personalities you told above to a person who is just playing and breaking hearts

  • U sound like the person doctor phill talks about on grandma's show. But yes girls find it a good thing


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