Can a guy be too attractive that he scares off girls?

A lot of girls have that problem, I see it in here all the time!

Well I think I have that problem now too. I’ve lost about 100lbs of fat and my life is suddenly very different. I’ve had a lot of real life comments from women as well. I get hit on now in bars and clubs by drunk women. Things are crazy.

I used to be invisible to women. Now it feels like every girl I talk to is super nervous and shy. The only girls who are bold and confident are the hottest girls who look into my eyes and flirt with me boldly.

It’s a crazy change in my life and I don’t quite know how to deal with it. I guess I have the same standards cuz girls I’m interested in get shy around me. They act awkward and silly and trip and slurp and do things I’ve never ever seen girls do.

So now what? I have to date a hot girl? Do hot girls have substance I always figured they are airheads... well odds are anyways.

It sounds crazy and I promise I’m not trying to brag. Just a guy who went from loser to a new life and is confused and loooning for advice but I’m scared nobody will help cuz everyone seems to hate the guy who says something good about himself lol.


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  • Frankly speaking.. Yes.. As for me, too attractive boyfriend will contribute more to the girlfriend insecurities..😁

    • "too good for me" kinda thing?

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    • U can just do like me n cut ties with ur female friends lol

    • 100x a day? that's really a good work dude.. Keep it up.. 😊 Exhausted but if it worth then it's fine..

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  • First off Congratz on losing your weight and getting healthy.
    It's that you're not used to being hit and confident that makes you so hot. Not kniwing you're sexy is often sexy to grils, so hold that!

    Yes, date hot grills why not, if it makes you happy. But obv look at the whole packege.

    Use your confidence for good! If you get braggy you use it for bad.

    Welcome to being a normie chad :)

    • Lol. I have achieved chad status.

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  • It is actually somewhat similar for me. I have a baby face and was just really way to young looking for girls that I was older than. I have been working out a lot this year and grew out facial hair and basically now I catch girls staring all the time. I have also built my confidence up a huge amount so I can actually talk to hot girls but its like I am inexperienced with the little games that really hot girls tend to expect from a hot guy I think. I am very nice and genuine and have extremely high self worth and social status in my bar/music/dance community but I think girls will tend to like not consider me as relationship material but more like even use me and drop me. At bars I get so much attention from dancing that I like have too many potential girls who I know were staring and I could go talk to. And then I know I am like being watched a bit so going up and chatting with a lot of girls I think would make me look like a total player and I been there done that, I actually want some meaning now so its kinda a bit overwhelming. One of the reasons I pretty much know and have been told I am really hot to girls and stared at is because its obvious I am literally there because dancing makes me so happy and I'm so passionate about dancing and radiating joy to everyone and also extremely skilled and unique and entertaining to watch and not there to pick any girls up. So I am like this anomaly and girls and guys stare and I actually like just don't give a fuck and be the only one dancing. Extreme confidence. Honestly I will admit I can basically just dance the whole time and not talk to any of the girls I know really really liked me so its partly something I need to change like I don't actually give their personality a chance. But an interesting thing is I've totally had more success like getting to to know and be intimate with girls I met like at a bar and and they never knew I was such an impressive dancer. Like being very very good at dancing actually was hurting my chances with girls. Like possibly being so good at dancing actually was a turn off to women because of what it says about my personality maybe? like even though they think its amazing and that I'm gorgeous.
    I basically value very high confidence in a girl or I am pretty sure she will get too jealous and she has to be in great shape or she will not be able to keep up. So my standards are very very high, maybe even too high honestly. I quit drinking 4 years ago and go out sober even.

  • Maybe you are right.
    It is the only thing that comes to my mind when I think about the reason I am still single.

  • I don't believe so, usually makes them flock to him


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