What should I consider this?

I asked a girl to check out a museum in a nearby city (like 2-3 hrs away) and she agreed and we got the day set (Like a week from now) but she seems to also be looking at activities for two (usually more datey?) for that day

And, this is the third outting together in like 3 weeks. First was a similarly far thing to an art museum upstate (she offered that one up) and the second was a relatively spontaneous dinner after work one night


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  • so what do you want?

    • I would obviously like to date her, but I don't know what it is now..

    • Ask her

    • I guess. Ill probably just wait to see when we go before I do anything

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  • If you’re going to travel 2-3 hours it makes sense to do more than 1 thing. I’m 2 hours from Orlando. I would not there just for one thing.

    • True, true. But I mean, I don't know what to consider it? A date?

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    • You don’t ask. That would be timid/mixed signal. Just indicate you’re interested. But only say something you really mean. Compliments work. But don’t make all of them about how she looks. Good luck

    • Hmmm, I have a good feeling that maybe we'll do something that indicates without a doubt what we are. Either at works Christmas party or at the not date a few days after

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