Stare game, what does it mean?

i first noticed him when he made a weird face and walked away, then I noticed that he would stare at me then look away when I looked at him, then he would turn around to look for me and now he stares at me without looking away when I see him. Is he interested? We never spoke 😐


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  • A true gentleman never looks away after she spots him looking, he continues to stare her the fuck down with a cold expression until shies away, he asserts his dominance.

    • umm so? Why assert his dominance with me? he can man up and come to talk to me!

    • Have you given him any signs to let him know that you're into him?
      He doesn't owe you shit by the way.

    • No I did not

  • It means he is very shy to approach you, or doesn't have much confidence

    • I'm more shy than him... but I'm willing to make the first move and ask him why he looks at me so much? should i ask him this?

    • sure. but ask him that while smiling a little, so he won't get scared

    • Oki 👌🏻 I will

  • Who comes first


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