Imagine the same guy once he is 5’10(178) and once he is 6’2(188) , how much advantage does his taller version has in regards to being ‘hot’ ?

  • No advantage whatsoever, they are both the same, equally hot
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  • Taller one has small advantage in terms of ‘Hotness’ but not that much
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  • Taller one has huge advantage in terms of ‘Hotness’, height brings immense beneifts to considering someone hot
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  • Shorter one would be hotter than the taller one.
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What Girls Said 1

  • His looks play a bigger part

    • Ok, he is already hot by looks, but how important is purely his height in the given scenario?

What Guys Said 1

  • Taller men live better lives overall. More money, more girls, better career, more respect from other men. I could list more. Google the facts if you don't believe me.


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