Should I make contact or just forget about her, she's sort of a summer fling?

we first meet last summer when she was working at a resort near where I live and I ran into her at a bar . I wouldn't say we hit it off but I did develop feelings for her and found her on facebook that summer once I found out her name after talking to her again but I never tried to add her . things last summer just didn't work out and maybe she though I was coming on too strong .

anyways after a year long absence I ran into her again at the same bar but she was just up with friends and not still working here. we actually talked for a bit and things seemed good but she eventually drifted off that night and I never got her # or did we hook up but overall the encounter was positive . but now I have this pretty blond girl stuck in my head and not sure if I should try and contact her or just forget about it as she's going to a different college than mine in the other side of province a long way away


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  • let her go.

    • Well she is allreay physically gone in the sense , she's sort of stuck in my head and it was a treat to at least she her again at the bar that night . I wasn't sure I'd even see her again or talk to her if I did . leting go is easier than trying to keep in touch with her when were far apart . she did mention she has relatives where I go to college but didn't say that she ever comes there

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  • What do you have to lose. Get a hold of her or I will.

    • Well there is little to lose but if I make contact on facebook and she doesn't even reply its going to be a little annoying and I'm honestly not sure when we could even see each other in person again as we go to college so far apart , it seems so doubtful that we'd date at this time

    • I would just keep in contact with her through fb,casual. If she ignores you then there isn't much you can do about it & move on to someone else. At least you will know either way. If she does ignore you then leave it at that. She isn't worth your time or friendship for that matter.