Guy who I've just started dating messages me every time I appear online... why?

He messages me often, all throughout the day most days, but sometimes I'll ask for a little bit of space if I'm trying to work on a project or am socialism by with friends. However if I just pop online to check texts even if I don't plan on starting any conversations, he'll message me straight away instead of waiting for me to message him. Don't get me wrong, it's flattering and I really do like him but sometimes I just want a bit of space.
Why does he do this?


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  • Because he likes you hellloo.. you should enjoy it now before it goes away..

    • I like him too but sometimes I need to focus on work projects etc. Is it because he thinks someone else might take my attention or something?

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    • Yeah 🙂 I always message him once I've finished already. What did you mean "before it goes away" ... like as in naturally fades away the more we date?

    • Yes with time it goes away.

What Girls Said 1

  • It seems he does legitimately like you, but might be worried that if he's not talking to you all the time, you may think he isn't interested.
    My boyfriend was kind of like that when we first started talking. He was nervous that, if he didn't talk to me ALL THE TIME, that I would either lose interest, or think that he was losing interest.

    • Also you may have to put your foot down and let him know that you are busy and that you'll talk to him later!

    • Yeah I think you're right there.

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