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So, my girlfriend and i hang out a lot because we both have a lot of free time and really enjoy each other's company, buuuuuut we don't have money to spend on going out (both 18 currently enjoying the end of school) so we have been going to each other's house and watching movies and perhaps playing a game or two on consoles. The problem is that we are both introverted and don't have much to say, so we end up just snuggling and kissing. The silent moments aren't awkward at all because its like we communicate just fine without words but i would like SOMETHING to do so that i don't bore her (not that she's shown any signs of boredom. She lacks the creativity to do stuff as i do and its funny how we acknowledge that and laugh at it). So if you guys could help with ideas? Stuff to do at home and outside (like a park) that is free (or close too) is what im looking for.


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  • Me and my boyfriend have this similar situation, except with awkward silences. We usually have things to talk about because we have a lot of distance. Not by choice tho, he works all the time and so do i, we were like you and your girl in our senior year we’d try to hang out with our friends or go out to eat, walk around the mall, go see a movie, dress eachother up at the mall, take our dog to the park. But since it’s a small city there’s nothing to do. I think you should prolly get a job to actually do things and take her out :) but in all you two should be happy with each others company, it doesn’t bother me that we don’t do much but it would be nice to do something different

    • Thanks *thumbs up*
      I actually have 2 jobs but I need every cent for university and my car.
      When I do have some money I spend it on her

    • That’s really responsible!! What about financial aid? How’s everything with that?

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