Hang out VS go out? is it a date?

Ok so this guy I went to high school with 9 years ago said this when posted Happy birthday on his wall.

Him: When you come visit. Shoot me a message and we can hangout? Of course if you like?

we had a few classes together but never said much more than hi, how are you?
2 years later i ended up moving back home. bored I decide to message him that I was back and see what he was up to.

him: lets go out after i finish my finals?

I said sure but i wonder why he wants to meet up? and is this a date? i did have a crush in high school on him but that was so long ago. Also wondered if he knew this?
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I find it funny how most males are saying its a date and females disagree lol
of course maybe i need more responses


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  • It's half half it's like he has interest in you but is getting to know you through hanging out.

    Let's hang out is friendly no interest.
    Let's go out like a date but hanging out with each other.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He's not making it out to be an official date, but I'm sure he is interested in dating you.

    • I say there is to much to speculate about. I gave him my number so he could text me. he said fosho!! which is kinda weird and bro like coming from a guy. i think

    • Lol yeah, well I'd say go with him and see how it goes, make a move if you're interested :)

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  • It's not a date


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