Can someone PLEASE freakin tell me what the hell is going on? Just friends?

this guy has been around for 5 months now. He had a girlfriend before me. They never seen eachother long. he made an impulse decision to move her into his home. She cheated on him with his best friend. I entered his life during the same time this happened and we started having sex and talking every day.
we talked more tho, every day while he was away at work. He would come home. And it would mainly just feel like a sex thing. We'd hang out with other people around, not touch until it was time for bed. We started hanging more And doing things together. I got feelings. i told him how i felt. I was intense about it. He told me we were just friends so left him be. That only lasted for about 2 days before he was texting me on his own. He has told me its fine for me to go out and screw someone else. i think he would do the same. This last time he was home though was intense and different. We went out to a bar together. He left when i wanted to leave. Even though he did flirt with other girls that night. We spent the next 5 days together. Cuddling on the couch, talking, falling asleep together, making supper, grocery shopping even. We have never had that closeness before. He has been extra affectionate. i figured as soon as he knew how i felt, and if he didn't feel the same he would be done.
I went home for one day, he texted me and asked where i was. wanted me to come to his moms house to try some food she made. I went up later. And it was very unlike the him I've known. he surprised me with my fav candy cause a few nights prior i mentioned them. He gave me a hug right after.
He has never really randomly kissed me a lot or shown a super affectionate side. This time he randomly kissed me in cute spots a few times and would tickle or rub my back.
I asked one night what was he like, was he a affectionate person. He had me in his arms and asked "well, am i?"
Now he's back to work working 12 + hours n he does text sometimes, but not often, just casual. What is this?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It sounds like he's busy as hell but still trying to make time for you, as your relationship has progressed. Talk to him about how you can't keep doing this if he doesn't want to make it exclusive, talk to him about your feelings.

  • Broooo, that's best boyfriend you ever wish, meybe you should do something for him too


What Girls Said 1

  • This was hard to read, for some reason.
    And very confusing. Maybe you guys just need to move on from each other.


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