Just broke up, why is he being like this?

So I just broke it off with my boyfriend of 7mths. He just would get really weird to take pictures together or even make mention that we are together, I asked him about it and he said it's just too complicated, I just felt like he was using me for a place to stay and sex. So I'm still friends wit him on all social media and I posted this meme about just being a hoe until New Years because it's already too late, it was funny, I put it on my story, he replied and said that I was just trying to get attention. Why is he so concerned about my life?


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  • What was the reason you two broke up?

  • Crazy boyfriend

  • Block him.

    • I am. I told him last night if it was such a problem he could just unfollow me. I just don't know why he is so weird about it.

    • Because he's a jerk.

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