How do I make myself more approachable?

I'm really awkward and I never know what to say during conversations. I just want to meet a girl who hates people and talking to them just like I do so I can have someone I relate to. And yes I understand that I'm asking for too much


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  • you know, the problem is that you are wishing for something paradox: you can´t meet a girl who´s not talking to people because she won´t talk to you. I guess the best way to meet anyone is actually through sides like whisper, tinder or stuff like that. or just join some social activity (i know you wouldn´t want that but that´s honestly a good way) you like, for example book club, sports, art course, holiday trips and stuff like that. You know, it´s easy desiring something but hart to get it if you puposely blocking the only way to solve your problem, which would be talking to people and getting to know them.

    • Thanks you are right

    • im sure in your social environment there are shy girls who don´t talk a lot. If you had the courage trying to get to know them, they would be thankful for someone more open minded talking to them. And it´s always easier to keep having a convo if you share interests or at least schoon/working place. just keep your head up :)

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  • Honestly mate you just sound like the kind of person that would suit a long close relationship so maybe try finding a relationship with somone you already know maybe a close friend or old friend best of luck tho bud.


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