We were chatting about movies I think she might want to go see one. Is she trying to get me to ask her out?

Backround info : She really liked me a lot for a while. I eventually caught on and liked her back. I asked her out, but she said, though she likes me, it wasn't a good time for her

its been a month, and I still talk to her a lot. she's a little hot and cold every now and then, but she still shows a lot of the signs that she likes me. Anyway, here is the conversarion we had today. I think she might be trying to get me to ask her again.

Conversation (were having this convo over snapchat btw)

Me : hey
Her : hey
Me : im bored, so here's a random question. Whats your favorite movie

her : I don't know. I like so many its hard to choose
me : lol same. Just give me a couple

her : pitch perfect i guess
me : oh cool. aren't they making a second one
her : yeah. They made a second now theyre making a third

me : i can't beleive they made a while moving without me knowing. I have to brush up on my pitch perfect

her : lmao yeah
me : whens the new one coming out?
her : pretty soon. Right before Christmas i think
me : nice. You make any plans to see it yet?

I don't know whats going on here. Should i just ask her if she wants to see it together. I mean she knows i like her and she told me when I asked her out that we could do something when the time is right, so should i go for it here?
Whats the best way to ask her from here and does it sound like she into it?


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  • Yeah. It sounds like the natural thing to do. I got my current boyfriend to ask me out that way.

  • If she likes you, why can't she ask?


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