Did he ghost me? And if so then why?

So I matched with this guy on tinder. I know tinder is notorious for being a hookup app but this guy clearly had no intentions and neither did I. We talked for a bout two weeks and we connected well over text. However when we finally decided to me up the date was ok. There were awkward moments. He was very outgoing and extroverted and I’m very shy and he noticed that and even mentioned it. But when we both decided to end the date he said movie next week? As in asking me out on another date. So I figured it didn’t go that bad. When I got home he texted me saying hope you got home safe it was great meeting you. The next day I respond saying the same. But he hadn’t replied back in a while so I ask him if we’re still down for the movie and he’s like yes! So I reply. But he hasn’t texted me back now and it’s been almost a day So I don't know if I should give it more time or has he ghosted me? If so why would he even initiate another chance to hang out?


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  • a day? stop being so super clingy or he will ghost you!


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