Would you swipe left on Tinder on someone attractive that wasn't looking for what you were?

I have said no to some pretty hot girls that said they were only looking for hookups. Would girls do the opposite? If a guy was looking for something serious and a girl wasn't, would she possibly swipe left?

Its just crazy to me how I portray myself as an attractive guy, and am being totally honest in my bio, and very few girls ever seem to mutually swipe me right. I get very little likes in general really :/
However, on occasion some really pretty girls will match me, but chatting with them either never works out or never even begins. It's very discouraging but is it really my problem?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, I would swipe left if they're obviously looking for something completely different than I am.

    • So you'd just pass up a potentially good thing huh?

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    • Interesting. Care to explain?

    • This is the problem with dating apps and dating today altogether. There are so many people to ostensibly choose from that you're not going to say yes to people that are, well, kind of okay. You'll think "There will be someone who is exactly what I'm looking for, I can swipe this guy left". The problem is there isn't. Dating apps are so superficial that you'll never find what you're actually looking for based on just their profiles but you'll still keep looking for that one person that interests you right away. And that's why I don't use dating apps anymore. It's pointless because I can't seem to give a chance to more people and even with the people I match with I struggle making a connection with.

What Guys Said 1

  • You're not using Tinder properly in my opinion. You're wasting time looking through girls profiles, reading their bios and then deciding to swipe right or left - when there's a good chance that these girls might not even be into you to begin with.

    Just swipe right on everyone or at least make a slit second decision on based on their first photo. Don't check their profile. Once you get matches, then you've now got a collection of girls that are actually somewhat interested in you that you can talk to. This is the time where you check their profiles, read their bios etc and decide whether you want to talk to them or not.


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