Girls, first date questions..I need advice!

I've only been on one date before and it wasn't really all that good..and I ended up realizing the girl was def not for me..she was really selfish and self-conceited.not towards me but others...anyway there a girl I asked out and OK, we've known each other for a while but just recently got around to talking about dating, so were on a friendly level, so I don't need to make some huge first impression, she knows me basically...but I have questions...

I can't and that order? I'm thinking because movies are cool but you don't get to I figure movie first then talking over dinner..also we could chat about the film to get a conversations started. or is dinner better first?

Or should I go another route? maybe a trip to the mall? there's a good mall nearby and we could talk a lot, float around and find interesting stuff to talk about, and get a bite to eat too.

also there's a shopping center near the movie theater so we could shop..float around, eat, then go to the movie, or movie first then shop, then eat...what order would be best?

Also, like do I need to take her to someplace "nice" or should that be a later date? I don't want her to think I'm cheap but I don't want her to think I'm made of money...

I am more than willing to pay..but if she offers do I refuse? I worry that she'll be offended or thinking that I'm trying to be macho or domination. Also..what about chivalry..should I open doors, pull her seat out for her...etc? or is that like degrading?

I'm probably over stressing over this but I want it to go Well


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  • Overstressing is my specialty :) OK, so my number one thing is the chivalry. Do it do it do it! :) I know girls like that; I haven't heard of a single one who doesn't. Next, I'd avoid the mall, because it will be awkward. She won't want to go into any stores for fear of boring or annoying you. Or worse, she'll drag into every store and you'll end up wondering why the hell you even asked her out. So skip that. I'd do dinner first, then a movie. If your conversations at dinner go well, then you can make slight (stressing the slight!) moves during the movie. Arm around her, holding her hand maybe? (Number one hint that your arm around her is ok: if she doesn't put the arm rest between you down, she's leaving that space open... for you.) ;) For dinner, do a slightly nice place, like Macaroni Grill or something like that, Chili's Applebee's. So its nice but you're not broke when its over. Good luck and have a great time!

    • "I know girls like that; I haven't heard of a single one who doesn't." they're called feminists lol..but I guess ill just do it and if she doesn't like shell say something..can't go too wrong...

    • What?

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  • Don't go to a movie.

    Think about it for a a movie a place to talk?

    You need to find places where conversation can take place. Find places where you feel at ease. The more comfortable you feel, the better the date will be.

    Save nice for later. Find places to take her that are not going to feel like the proverbial corner.

    Fancy places tend to make both feel restricted, or reserved. Just too serious for first dates as far as this guy is concerned.

    By all means open doors for long as that's who you already are. Women can spot BS. They have been dealing with players most of their lives, so just be yourself.

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