Does anyone else have constant bad dreams about their partner?

Im such an anxious person and i guess it's because I have underlining worries that my boyfriend isn't who he is? He's my heart and happiness and he always takes care of me and does his best to make me feel special. I guess my subconscious is waiting for something so perfect to turn shit.

Does anyone else dream of their partner doing horrible things to them constantly? (Cheat on them, betray their trust, doesn't want to be with them anymore etc).


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  • I only dream about my partner occasionally and that's almost always in a positive or neutral way.

    I think you probably pointed out the issue in the first few words of your additional explanation ("Im such an anxious person"). My guess is that it's the anxiety that's causing the dreams.

    If you have a way to get treatment for the anxiety that might be a good thing to do. It would be a shame to have those dreams (and probably worried thoughts you have when conscious) cause any problems in your relationship if your boyfriend is a good guy.

    • I definitely know why I'm having the dreams but im wondering how many other people have the same problem. I'm on medication but they dont seem to stop the dreams, I'm thinking maybe having a more relaxed lifestyle might change it

    • OK, so you're doing what you can then. Anxiety is a difficult thing to deal with. Regarding your question, I just asked someone I know that has anxiety and is in a relationship whether she has those kinds of dreams and she said no.

      Good luck. Hopefully you can separate the dreams from reality and judge the guy based on how he really treats you in real life and not the anxiety-fueled bad dreams.

    • Thank you so much 🙂

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  • My last partner was a bad dream by herself.


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