Why do I only manage to ladies older then me?

So I'm going to give you guys Abit of a background to get better insight.

Me myself I would like to see my self as very sarcastic but yet manage to pull it off in a funny way, I am blunt I say what I think even if it would hurt people. I do get the impact people see me as a guy with good humour. I would like to see myself as very mature. Since I absolutely can't cope with people who are fooling around all day and I love to discuss/debate with people.

When I was 19 I got my first lady she was 24, that same year I've also been with a girl of 27 and now I'm 21, but for some reason I still can't really get girls of my own age all the flirts I have are at least 24-26.


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  • Because younger than you are just newbies.


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