Would you say this guy tried to get back with his ex?

This happened a year ago, but it was during the month of December so I've been frequently thinking about it.

So last year, when we were together about 5 months we ended up breaking up. Then he slept with his ex from when he first moved to California, and said that he thought he had feelings for her until he slept with her again, then those feelings faded. The ex girlfriend also contacted me, and said that right after they had sex together he started talking about me and him and how he still loved me. She was angry understandably, but I'm just trying to figure out if she told me because he tried to get back with her or not. She called him a piece of shit and told me she blocked him on everything so maybe he ghosted her or something after? Please don't judge me for getting back with him, we were both single.


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  • Seems like he just used her for sex when you werent available
    Plain and simple

    • oh so it doesn't at all seem like he wanted her back if he told her not to tell me?

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    • *works out

    • WHY do you say that

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