Is it too late for me to try to attract this guy?

I am in college and there is this guy that I met that is seriously my dream man. I met him at a bar and we were both drunk but there was a bit of flirting happening. Nothing came out from that, mostly bc my mind was on someone else that night, but i saw him a couple weeks later on campus & decided to dm him on instagram. I ended up getting his snapchat but he told me he was too busy with school to be talking to girls. I said I understood but like i said, he is my dream guy. I got a bit carried away & a few weeks later asked if we could get drinks, he then told me he was “talking to someone else”. It honestly sounds like he is just not into me but i feel like it is because i just came off too strong (because I definitely did). This was maybe 2 months ago & after this i did not talk to him once. Recently, it was his birthday so I sent him a happy bday message & we had light conversation. Am i pushing it if I text him again after finals- this time a lot more friendly & less pushy? I don't know he is so cute & I don't know if i should just forget about it or if I should try to talk to him during the break? I really want something to happen but i dont want to seem crazy. Thanks guys.


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  • I dont really understand the notion of finding someone to be your dream guy on a few very superficial interactions.
    But , hey, to each their own.
    Anyways, dont make a move unless you are sure about him reciprocating the feelings

  • fuk that go for it. If he says something dumb like your being pushy or something you just got to make him feel bad for being friendly.

    Say to him," Is it wrong to be nice to a friend?" Say that if he acts weird.

    In my honest opinion you should talk to people that try to be as outgoing as you. If you don't its just going to be a lot of you doing all the talking and making things interesting. But if you think he is that cute and you want the eye candy on your arm then go for it.

    Sweet talk him and if he acts weird or dumb about it. Just say stuff to make him feel bad about you being a nice person. It always works :)

  • Yes, too late. You can attract me instead.


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