So I went on a spontaneous date last night and I don’t know if I fell hard or she was a rebound?

Me and my ex fell apart, we didn’t officially break up but she became distant and for months I tried to give her that spark but nothing worked. Yesterday I found out she’s been seeing another guy and as I asked her about it she said she just felt closer to him and that I was just too busy with school and work. I couldn’t understand her as I always made time for her even if I didn’t get too busy. Anyways she told me we could be friends, that got me upset since she couldn’t see what she was saying and how it was hurting me. I went for a drive crying and went to the top of a mountain to just think about my life and what I wanted to do now. My phone rang and it’s a girl that I met online while me and my girlfriend had first become distant. She asked what I doing and I told her where I was. She then said she’s on her way cause she just wanted to hangout with someone. So she drove 40 minutes to get to me. This was the first time we meet each other in person. We were just talking and talking about life and our problems too. She just got out of a relationship too. Then security came and told us to leave. So she asked if we could still hangout and I said yes. It was like 11 at night. We went to the beach and started exploring caves and then we found a spot and just stared at the ocean as we listen to different music. We stayed there until 2am and I was having so much much with her. We got splashed by water so we went back to our cars to warm up. We go to a 24 donut bar and hang there for awhiletalking more about life. She asked me if I wanted to go with her and her friends on a snowboarding trip and I said yeah. Then she tells me thank you for a goodnight and I left cause I had finals this morning. Uhh I don’t know if I saw her as a rebound but me and my ex would never had gone on adventures like that. Was there like spirit trying to tell me something? She was really gorgeous.


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  • You had good time with girl. Why are you questioning it? Enjoy the process and see where it goes.


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