Asks me to be his girlfriend, then next day tells me he is moving in January for a new job?

About a month ago into just dating he told me he may take a job in the city, 2 hours away- he wasn't sure about anything yet

In the following weeks he kept me posted on the interviews etc so I was in the loop but there were no plans made, he didn't say anything difinitive

a couple days ago he asks me to be his girlfriend- I was so happy and said yes
then the very next night he tells me he got offered the job a day BEFORE he asked me and will be moving in January

Why didn't he tell me right away?
why didn't he tell me about the job BEFORE he asked me to be his girlfriend? I feel confused, sorta hurt by the order of events I suppose


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  • I wouldn't bother just drop him. That's not even close to alright. He's going to try to lock you down as he's moving away like come on? Who does he think he is?

    • Haha my feelings too - he's a good guy I don't know but I am concerned he only asked me bc of him moving:/

    • Sounds like it however it's like I guess he wanted to do it before he didn't have a chance too. I'm not saying it's cynical but personally I'd just not let it go anyways and forget about it. What does he think is going to happen its not like a good relationship is going to form with a ton of distance.

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