Why am I single?

I can't connect with younger girls. I'm not mature enough for older women. Women my age are all committed or not interested in me.
I'm decent looking, I have a fit body, I am okay-ish groomed, I am well spoken, I can make conversations, I am funny (ish), I am respectful, I am not dominant over people, I don't force myself on women, I do not get angry at rejection and I make sure girls don't feel uncomfortable around me. I'm a drummer. I read a lot of novels. I write (content writing, poems and lyrics for my band), I am aware about a LOT of music (new and old), TV shows and a few movies. I'm also a singer and I play guitar for fun while singing.
I used to be an athlete. I am a great kisser (I'm certain bout that) and I am really good when I go down on a girl.
I'm single. I've never had sex and I've never been in a real relationship.
Every girl I meet is committed. I'm not interested in the girls who come up to me to talk (usually after shows). Even if I am, I'm usually not as interested as I am in someone I can't really approach.
I've never gone up to someone and talked. I don't know.
What's the issue? Am I just crazy or is the world?


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  • You are not crazy but maybe really dense. lol! You already said why you are single, "I've never gone up to someone and talked."

    Call me crazy and maybe a little dense but if you are that great to have then maybe, just maybe, if you put yourself out there and ask ladies out, chances are one of them will date you? And it only takes one, right?

    If you get a woman to date you then chances are she will feel like she has hit the dating lottery if you are all you say you are cracked up to be...

    • Hey I'm not saying I don't have flaws. I mean, who doesn't? I was just putting the positives out there and wondering what's wrong. But I've been told to 'put nyself out there' by a lot of people. The question is: HOW? What if I'm not comfortable going up to girls and talking? Is there no hope then? 😂

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    • I know. I was kidding :p

    • I know and I was not kidding. :)

      Why not use you as a guinea pig to start asking women out and report what happens?

      I think this would be a good experience to share with this site. I believe that most men on this site would like hearing about a man's experience on asking a woman out - the good, the bad and the ugly. :p

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