How to keep a guy interested still without being too bold?

Any signs you can do or things you can say to a guy?

There is a guy who I am attracted and I guess he likes me too. We had gone out just twice and in btoh dates we ended up making out. Still we dont have a lot of contact when we are apart., I mean like texting and talk randomly. In fact it could pass weeks and weeks without seeing each other or even communicating at all. For isntance imagien that for the 2nd date to take place just one month ago it took one year and a half ago since the 1st date to make it happen , due to some circumstances in the guys life that made us stop communicating at all.

We are not really a couple though, we act more like Friends at this momento.
I do want the guy to still be interested in me and go out iwth him once again on our 3rd date, but how to do it without acting too bold in order to get his attention as acting too bold is not my cup of tea. I ddo want him to know I still like him though.
I dont want to make him look Im easy or something, as I believe the guy wants some kind of intimacy if we go out again, but I want a normal date, and not focus yet on the intimacy issue, I want a nromal date with talks, laughs, coffee or lunch or dinner and keep it that way for the momento and enjoy the date like that.


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  • Caring n loving

    • Dating and loving? Why loving when so far is only to keep him interested i dont lovevhim yet and neither does him

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