Dating advice? HELP?

I'm in high school and I'm super into one of my friends. We're in the same weight lifting class, and he never ceases to impress me. Another thing about this class is that there's a kid who is always making fun of me and calling me a "fatass retard" and it really hurts, but the guy I like is always standing up for me. It makes me really happy :) However, he says he doesn't like anyone at the moment, but every time my friend asks him around me he shuts down a little bit and won't look at me. I think he might like me?
The other thing, though, is that I have this huge crush on him but I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship. I've never been in one, other than one that lasted a month because the dude cheated and basically ignored me :/
I have had a crush on him for a couple months, but when I think about it in reality I'm not really sure how ready I am for a relationship. Does anyone have some advice on some questions I should ask myself or how to figure out what's best for me?


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  • Well, y dont sha try to study the guy you want to date?


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